Quid C.I.G.V


Why this Club ?
Have you ever visited a new country and wondered where to start  ?? Where to stay, where to eat ?? What places of interest you should see ??

Have you ever needed some advice on local habits and customs ??

Haven’t you thought that it would be a good idea to have at least one phone number so that you could hear a friendly voice on the other end, someone who could advise and,  in case of difficulty, help out ??

This is purpose of the IWTC / CIGV.
A club has finally been formed , worldwide, for people with a similar mentality to that which you have : very open-minded and friendly – wherever you travel, have a contact in the country through the IWTC/CIGV members – the names and addresses of these free-thinking people, are compiled in a booklet and available to all members of the IWTC/CIGV.
Philosophy of the IWTC / CIGV


A reason for justification or an answer to the question : the IWTC/CIGV, what for ??

To belong to the IWTC/CIGV does not call attention neither for snobbery nor for opportunism.

We are all different from each other for the mere fact of our origins, our beliefs and our respective experiences. We all speak different languages, we are all contracted in different professions, and we are of different nationalities and confessions. But, we all have in common the passion of travel and all the values attached to it : the joy of discovery, the love for knowledge and the sense of friendship.

The first intention of travel is the research for the difference, and in its materialisation is the detection of the resemblance in the heart of this difference. We, great travellers, can mutually grow richer of our differences and forge our friendship throughout the sympathic echo of our resemblance.

It is this human identity in the mutual respect of our differences which convert us, members of the IWTC/CIGV, into priviliged messengers of a friendship without borders


The goals of the IWTC / CIGV

  • To convene in an international association people who have visited a minimum of fifty (50) different countries – or between 25 and 49 for the members ‘A’ (Aspirant). Also, a person less than 20 years old can be considered ‘A’ members if he/she has visited a number of countries equal the age, with a minimum of 20 countries visited, on a total of 244.
  • To reconcile the great travellers of the five continents through a wide friendship, a mutual enthusiasm, an effective and mutual help and allow them to establish productive dialogues of Peace and Friendship.
  • These goals were the criteria of the Great Traveller’s Meeting on 4 August 1982, held in San Juan (Puerto Rico), under the presidency of its founder, Dr Rached Trimèche, to materialise this association “Club International des Grands Voyageurs /International World Travellers Club”, with its headquarters in Tunisia and members in all countries of the world




The IWTC/CIGV is a non-profit corporation present in 181 countries. In a country with less than 10 members registered to the HQ cannot form a national club, and a coordinator is nominated by the President to liaise between members and the HQ.

For those loading the peripatetic existence that comes with our lot in life, it may be of interest to you to know that this international club for travellers (IWTC/CIGV) is based in Tunis, opened to everyone who has visited 50 countries or a at least 25 countries (A members – ‘Aspirant’).

World congress.


The first twelve congresses have been held : in Tunis 17 March 1984, Brussels 20 April 1985, Montreux 30-31 May 1986, Dakar 1-3 April 1987, Nice 27-29 October 1988, Luxmebourg 6-8 October 1989, Reunion 1-4 November 1995, Pisa 30-31 May 1992, Monaco 21-23 May 1994, Tozeur (Tunisia) 9-12 November 1995, Lugano 1-4 May 1997, Lisbon 12-14 November 1998.

The 2000 Congress was held in the Mascareignes (Mauritius), the 2003 world congress in St. Barthelemy and the next one will be held in Seychelles Islands 

There is a yearly congress, announced to all the members in the IWTC/CIGV Newsletters.



“Peace in the World” – “Paix dans le monde”.


International World Travelers Club


Honorary members


Fûrst Karl Albrecht - Christian Cabrol - Gérard Depardieu

Abdou Diouf - Albert de Monaco - René Felbert

Joâo Havelange - Barbara Hendrix - Maurice Herzog

James Michel - Jean d'Ormesson - France-Albert René

Juan-Antonio Samaranch - Fred Sinowatz - Nicéphore Soglo

Mario Soares



Executive Committee




Rached Trimeche

Vice President   Mario Dalmazzo
    Mahmoud Mestiri
Members   Bernard Dolphin
    Othman Al-Saad
    Marzio Carver
    Marianne Delporte
    Pierre Caille
    Pierre Ferrara
    Moncef Barouni
    Olfa Ben Cheikh
    Jean-Pierre Jomeau
    Marguerite Ollo-Berrah
    Monique Feuardent
    Jacques Loupy
    Federico Marimon-Garnier
    Jacky Starck
    Néfissa Zerdoumi..
Secretary General   Slaheddine Ben Hamida
Treasurer   Sarah Hachaïchi
Head of Foreign Relations   Chedly Zouiten
Director of CIGV's International expansion   Noureddine Ayed
Adviser and Webmaster   Skander Trimèche


For anyone interested in this club and the benefits which go with it, you can contact the headquarters at the following address (or your local coordinator) :


26 Avenue Bourguiba

2013 Ben Arous - Tunisia-

Tel : + 216/ 71 38 32 66

Fax : + 216/ 71 38 22 57

E-Mail : cigv@cigv-online.com